Play the Feng Shui Game of Chess

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What has Feng Shui got to do with a Game of Chess?

The chessboard has 64 spaces on it in which the strategy game plays out.  Feng Shui originates from the Book of Changes known for its Trigrams that make up 64 hexagrams.  Each hexagram depicts the movement and cycle through our lives; that we go through cycles, through situations and there are 64 specific situations that we can experience at any one time.

Feng Shui is all about strategy in how you choose to set up your environment so that it creates the best life for you to experience.  Using the ideas of yin and yang which is the symbol of balance and Chess is played in the two colours black and white depicting two opposite forces each one trying to eliminate the other.

In our lives we require a Castle not only to retreat to but one to keep guard on ourselves and what is out there.  Hence our homes become a sort of Castle dont they?  We put security on the door, we only allow certain people into the inner caverns of our home and we treat it as though we are the king and queen of our own Castle.

We have the Bishop or the Authority in the home.  Someone who we go for advice, keep counsel with in order to guide us to the right decisions to be made.  Within our homes we can create our sacred spaces in order to allow ourselves to keep counsel within ourselves.  Afterall, if we cannot trust ourselves who can we trust?

The Knight, a chivalrous and courageous figure has a particular movement – it veers to the right or the left.  Movement is restricted but dont we all have a Knight within us?  Or the quality of that Knight; we are courageous towards or for others’ or towards ourselves.  Being stoical, strong is the quality of a Knight and whilst we might look for this  especially the women this is all about protection, romance with charm.

How do you bring in these qualities of the Castle-protection, Bishop-reflection, Knight-charm within our own homes?

WE can create a sacred space for ourselves to retreat to away from the woes and chaos of the world.
If you are wanting to find the strength within yourself and be courageous then putting a picture depicting this in your area for Journey in Life is significantly mesmerising that image to you daily.

Finding pictures, anything that creates an atmosphere of strength, romance, or self counselling are all going to feedback to yourself the great qualities you truly have within you.

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