Simon Sinek mentions TWO Feng Shui Factors in this speech; the importance of Balance & Environment

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Having listened to this talk what struck me most was that in so many other big talks by the big guys it is is inevitable that they all consistently mention TWO factors that are influential to people’s wellbeing;  that is the Balance they have in their daily life and what is around them in their environment.

These are two factors that Feng Shui weaves within its philosophy; a balance of the 5 elements that is the 5 energies that exists within us all and how important it is to maintain some fire-passion; water – flow in life, wood for growth, metal for clarity of thought and groundedness for earth.

Mix that in with what is around you whilst you are present; what are the people like?  is there any nature? is it full of people who are negative or positive?  are you allowed to have dreams in this place you live and work?  is there anything inspirational in and around you? What is the energy like where you live, sleep or eat your food?

So you can see these two aspects are essential in any context it is not just for the millennials in which Simon discusses this – it is relevant to everyone but he brings attention to these two areas.

In the same way, I try to bring attention to the philosophy of the 5 elements for balance and for growth and waking people up to the environment in which they live and trying to improve it so it makes you and everybody else in it feel better.

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