Space Cleansing Your Place With Five Easy Steps

Bring Good Energy In Your Space With Space Cleansing

Space cleansing should be made in our homes, office and business establishment every year. Its purpose is to get rid of all bad energies that will eventually affect our lives.

Smudging For Space Cleansing

There are a lot of ways to cleanse our space. You can modify some or try to exclude other things. Do whatever makes you comfortable. The most important thing is that you are doing it.

Below are the space cleansing steps that you should do in your space:

1. Plan your space cleansing carefully. You should have sufficient time, have the energy to do it and not rush the activity. The best time to do space cleansing is from 11 am to 1 pm. Make sure also that you are in the mood to do it. When you have the right energy then everything will go smoothly.

2. Prepare the things that you need like several candles, incense, sage or smudge stick, essential oils, crystals for live energy, fresh flowers, good music, bell and a sturdy table.

3. Play a good music to make the place more relax. Open the windows to allow the bad energies to live and the fresh ones to enter.

4. If it’s possible, light a candle in each room and walk around the house with a burned incense stick. This will bring fresh smell into each room.

5. There are a number of  ways to do space cleansing in your home. The popular ones are using essential oils, ringing of bells and smudging. You can use essential oils that you can spray around the house.

The best scents are cedar, sandalwood and  lemongrass. You can also use sage for smudging. You just have to be careful during the activity so as to avoid staining your furniture’s.

Always remember that space cleansing is a way to get rid of bad energies. Do not overdo the activity, but bear in mind that you can always do it more than once in a year.

I hope that you will enjoy your space cleansing activity. Start as soon as possible and bring in the energy of good health, wealth and good relationships into your house.

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