Space in Pots

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Space in Pots – space in cups……..remember the Zen master teaching the student who wanted to discover more about himself?

What did the Zen master say to him?  your cup is overflowing and there is no space to receive anymore!


A significant lesson for us all especially where we are encouraged to consume as much as possible on many different levels.  How can we create a space within us?

The pots above with nothing in them are a reflection back to ourselves – what lies deep within us all?

It is our interaction with that space that determines our quality of life.

Ever been going down a motorway and as soon as there is a space people want to fill it.  Its like the places we reside –  like space within us the only difference is in the pots above there is plenty of space but within people there is none – we keep consuming, digesting absorbing, that we are a mesh of networks but as the Dalai Lama once said; plenty in the  windows but nothing in the shop!

The other concept about space in pots is that they are a subtle reminder of connecting with the deeper aspect within us.  When we have space in our lives, in our pots we can invite new things into our lives.

When the pots are full and brimming there is no room for new people, ideas, to enter in……..

Pots that are empty invite an energy to enter a zone – its that receptive part of us; the part that isnt pro active, but waits and watches, is open to receiving because sometimes it is that part of us that doesnt know how to receive but only gives that stops us from receiving the very gifts of life we pursue.

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