Take 5 Steps Closer to Wealth using Feng Shui

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Energy, Frequency & Vibration makes a huge difference to what kind of Universe you reside in.  So, how do you change this frequency and vibration?  Well below are 5 Steps you can take that can instantly change the energy of your home or business which will result in attracting a different kind of energy into your life.  Dont Believe me: Try It!  Or better still Join me on my webinar Thursday 12th October @ 8pm Register Here to find out more about those 5 Steps.

Whatever is around you in your home is part of you within.  That includes all the clutter whether it be clothes in your bedroom, paper in your office or stockpiling of items no longer used.  Clutter around you reduces your clarity of thought and in wealth Clarity is King!  Get rid of your Clutter and come back and tell me how it affected you.

All the feelings you pick up around you every second of the day has been created by you or the energy of others!  So, when those patterns of Energy in your home do not support you how do you erase those patterns?  An ancient tool of sage smudging has always been used to disperse the patterns of previous occupants or unwanted energies that influence your own feelings.
We don”t always know who lived in our property before us.  We don’t even know what was on the land where our property has been built.  Therefore, when using these techniques you can assist in dispersing feelings locked into the property and thereby create the very feeling you wish to attract; health, wealth and great relationships.
When you have completed this process come back and tell me how much better your home felt.  For further assistance to get on clearing your home you can pick up your own magic box here: www.wealthyspace.com/shop

Having Clarity creates a faster journey to wealth because you are less distracted, your attitude is direct and your persistence is the norm.  Equally having some kind of Direction to where you want to go towards is also essential.  When I ask people what do they want?  I am often met with blank faces.  The money is clearly the focus but what that money is going to buy is not as clear; people think having the money will solve a problem but often it is not having a vision or a dream that slows down the flow of the wealth to begin with anyway.
In Feng Shui, compass is important and having a direction in your home or business most certainly adds another layer of Focus to your Dreams.
The North is about your Journey generally in Life – where is it you want to flow to.  The West is all about your future and creativity and kids.  The East is about your history, reverence of the family ancestors and how that creates the roots to your forthcoming Wealth & Health.
These are just a few tips on how to use the Compass in taking that one step closer to Wealth.
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Everything around you is Inside of You!
What you have on your walls is sublimely affecting you all the time.  This is why advertising is a multi million pound industry because what we see visually and through sound is constantly influencing our feelings, emotional, interllect and decisions.  So what do you have on your walls?  How do they affect you and to have the best messages being exuded to you personally what would be the best kind of pictures?
Life is a yellow brick road and is it telling us we all have a brain, courage and a heart?  Make your walls your own mirror of your dreams and I tell you how to do that here; http://bit.ly/2ywKTI8


People are constantly trying to create Balance in their Life so they feel calm, steady and continue to have emotional and mental clarity in their Business and Wealth.  So how do we create that Balance in our Lives?  When we create a balance in our Environment we can feel it immediately and using the ancient system of the 5 Elements reflects back to us that very Balance.  When you have equilibrium how much easier is it to manage your life, business and anything else.
We look at having earth qualities in your home; ceramics, terracotta.  Water qualities in pictures, fountains, fish tanks, how material hangs from the windows.  Wood element ensures a balance of plants, flowers and wood furniture.  Metal element is the presence of crystals, metal, white walls or furniture.   And finally, the Fire element, the emotional movement energy inviting colours of red, orange in the form of candles, triangles and sounds.  So here we have a bit of each of the 5 elements having a presence which then creates the balance you need.
Some people, based on their own composition of personality will require more fire, others require more water which is why having a consultation helps to assess what are your needs in terms of the Elements and what is best for you to surround yourself in.

There we have it not only 5 steps YOU can take towards a more harmonious lifestyle but 5 Steps to change the vibration in which you live, and, so by doing this you change the vibration within yourself.  It is these very high frequency energy levels that affects how you are received in the world, what you project, perceive and manifest in the world of Wealth. 
 Remembering that your Health is always Your Greatest Asset.
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