Tay Castle & Feng Shui

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Tay Castle is located in the village of Kenmore in Perthshire Scotland. I visited Tay Castle and it was a delight to see some amazing Chinese Feng Shui features nestled in a landscape full of Form School Feng Shui.

What do I mean by that? Form School inidcates the landscape supports and creates good feng shui; and in this case of Tay Castle there is the black turtle located bheind thebuilding. That is the protection from Tay Forest; the River Tay encircles the castle and to the front lies the Lock Tay – a huge reflection of water with mountains in the foreground.

Inside the Tay Castle is an amazing array of features indicating a good flow in and around thebuilding; indicating focus on the compass school of feng Shui. Here we see the ancestors portrayed in stainglass windows located to the east of the castle-when the light shines through it enlightens the recall, honour and reputation of all those gone before. In Chinese culture the focus on ancestors is very important as it is believed that one’s future is determoned by the reverence shown to one’s ancestors.

There is a Chinese Room with a ceiling full of golden radiant geometry resonating a balance and vibrancy like no other seen. The intricacy of some far off eastern cultures interwoven with the more local designs of the emblems of clans and insignia demonstrate how many cultures meeting at one poit on this ceiling create an energy that is unforgettable.

All the ceilings in this Tay Castle are outstanding that you realise that there is a huge pull on your posture and all the chakra points in your body. One is held in some wonder for such a long time throughout the building that the sense of wonder and splendour continue for a long time after you have left the castle.

This is the magic of such elabourately designed works of art and the subliinal insignia designed to affect us energetically that you cannot easily forget such an experience.

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