The Feng Shui Must Have’s In Your Living Room

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10 Important Things In Creating A Feng Shui Living Room

Most people think that having an organized home with nice things on it is already a good feng shui. They tend to think that a beautiful house is a “chi” filled home. But that is not the case. 
home with good feng shui is not about having an organized space that makes you not want to move. It’s not all about creating a place with nice or expensive things that will limit your movement for the fear of breaking some expensive decorations.
Feng shui is about living the life. When it comes to home it means creating a clutter-free home and have the things that you love and makes you happy
These are the 10 must-haves in your living room.
1. Use soft billowy, light colored curtains. They add softness and breezy ambiance to your space.
2. Add candles in your living room. They create a warmth and calming effect. 
3. Musical instruments add vibrant energy to your place.
4. Plants can purify the air you breathe. Put it in strategic areas in your space.
5. Decorate your living room with art pieces that will remind you or speak about your vision in life.
6. A large mirror can make your space look bigger. 
7. Buy things that have at least multiple uses. Storage is important in any space.
8. Always keep a space clearing kit in your room. You’re going to need them to get rid of bad energies in your space.  
9. Make your space as relaxing as possible by adding magazines and books. Make sure that they’re what interests you. They’re there to help you have a wealthy and healthy mind.
10. Journals will help you focus on your goals and dreams in life. It’s a must-have in your living room.
Remember, a living room should encourage bonding for the family which will ensure a healthy relationship. These inexpensive things are meant to help you create a comfortable and relaxing place not just for you but for everybody.
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