The Feng Shui Way – Cycle of Wealth

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The 5 elements can be used in everything you do in your Life whether it is Branding your Business

or looking at the Cycle of Wealth for yourself.  Whilst this system is prominently used in the Art of

Feng Shui and in Acupuncture the same cycle can be used to understanding how the process of your

Wealth can grow.

We start off with the METAL element which is the grey circle and this represents our minds and the

ideas and imagination we create for ourselves.  Everything that is around you has been created by

a mind; we are at the cutting edge of our ideas by how and what we think.

We use idioms in the english language that

relate back to metal; cutting edge, sharp as a pin, cut the atmosphere with a knife and so much more.

When you have the ideas we then float them; we float them by emotionally responding to them and

discussing them with people that are knowledgeable about that subject or have a wisdom for

guidance.  We may float those ideas by taking them into areas of expertise or find something similar

and do it different but either way we float them within ourselves and ruminate and pass them over to


Once they start to take shape we have the WOOD element to start carving out what is possible; we

might branch off into other areas, we may consider research into those different branches until such

time we find our initial METAL idea has now taken a different shape.

When that idea has started to have some substance we ACTION it through the power of FIRE.  This

element is all about taking action, our ideas have to be grounded by moving them through the FIRE

of drama, the fire of substantiation and taking the plans of the mind and putting them into action.

ACTION alone has to work in the context of the other elements.  When all the action has been done,

it has all been completed we are clearly doing this for some reason or other.  We want results,  We

want something tangible, or something that makes us feel a certain way or gives us some kind of

reward that either excites of allures.  Everyone has their own purposes, rationale for doing what they

are doing but we want some kind of payment or manifestation.

When the idea of the METAL becomes the EARTH we get delight at seeing that idea through to the

end.  In relaxing because something has been accomplished we sit back in honour and it is in that

process of relaxing, letting go that we have our other finest ideas and so the cycle goes again.

Many people are marvelled by the simplicity of such a system and if this is YOU then why not just

on that cycle and realise the power of your own 5 Inner Elements by joining me in the webinar or by

going to

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