What Is Feng Shui? How To Use Feng Shui In The Office Or Home

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An introduction to some of the basics of why Feng Shui and an awareness of your home &

business is very important when you are focusing on your wealth, health and relationships.

I spoke to Steven out in Australia on one of his wealth seminars because I noticed that people

are eager to get the “right information” on how to be successful with passive cash flow but

no one ever looks at how their environment is set up for their success.

I have heard comments from people who have no understanding of this philosophy because what they

dont realise is people work all their lives with a view to have a nice place to live in, a house that

sings a great feeling of vibration and harmony.  Most people walk straight into a new home thinking

exactly that; its NEW!  Yes, it is NEW to them but what they dont realise the previous occupants will

have set up their own patterns in the home and no one cleanses the premises; those who leave and

those who are moving into the house.

Now that you wonder who were the previous occupants in your home and what did they leave behind

before you moved in?  So what can you do to dispel the patterns of the last occupants?  What can

you do to dispell your own self-sabotaging patterns of conflict, arguments and defeat?

If YOU want to find out more; www.wealthyspaces.com will tell you more.

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