What is that Feng Shui Feeling?

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Yes, what is this Feng Shui Feeling?

Well without people being conscious of what drives them to work, run around in circles, study  a lot of the time people are just wanting to buy into a better feeling that the one they have had before or have never had the opportunity to experience before.

Nothing wrong with that but how do people go about doing that?

Well, for many its the house that people rent, own that commands the energy they wish to create to make them FEEL a certain way.  However, it’s not just what is inside but where it is located, the context of the home, the entrance and FEEL of the area.

When going through the entrance of any building the architecture, the plants and flowers, the adornments, anything that elevates, or creates a feeling of awe is most sought after.  Of course, these feelings are all relative depending on where you live, what you had before but we all know that the feeling that we create or that has been created for us by a designer, artist, architect, engineer has been designed to touch the very emotional tapestry of our own hearts.  Strings are pulled and we let go into a dance of space, love and adoration for what we are feeling as we experience that space.


For others, its the FEELING of a car and how it makes them energised within; whether its the interior, the colour, the design, the size of the engine but the energy of that piece of machinery creates all kinds of great feelings some people aspire to have in their life.  This is why Google, BMW, Apple take great focus on how their clients, customers want to feel from the positioning of their cup holder at their fingertips to the quality of the textiles on the seats.  This is Feng Shui – the colours, the textures, the aroma, the orientation and so much more.

You see Feng Shui is not about a load of toads and red ribbons adorning a room but more importantly how the orientation, the 5 elements of nature and creation are also versed and properly ordered so that the inhabitant is synchronised almost like a kaleidescope to feel the joy, the balance and allure of a perfect elemental feeling to their space in which they inhabit whether it be a home, a car, a caravan or a workspace.

If you realise that you are working hard all your life to create a feeling that makes you feel relaxing, centred, peaceful, successful then why not get your place in order where you live now?  You can create that very same feeling now and when you use my tips for the fengShui of your home guess what?
you start to attract even more of what you have created already and that is abundance, success, peace and relaxation.
What do you think?
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