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wood & water elements

Windsor Hotels UK

Windsor Hotels UK – Beaumont. A great entrance into a beautiful architecturally designed building once a private residence and then a boys Catholic School.

How would you like to feel as you approach your place of relaxation?

The attention to detail in colour and design especially within the grounds outside have been sculpted the way a fashion designer would cut its cloth.

The entrance details colours within the flowers, textures of the trees which alter the first impressions of this hotel.

As you approach the entrance to the reception area the symmetry – pots create a flow guiding the customers into the reception head on.

The element of wood is prevalent throughout the hotel- there are great illustrations of trees throughout the pictures on the walls.

The wood throughout the estate is very important as it relates to the history and story of the hotel.

There is a beautiful fountain in the grounds which complements the variety of trees within the vicinity.  The elements of wood and water are deliberately featured in environments in order to attract wealth and this is often visible in the oriental and eastern cultures.

The grounds are quite comparative to other Windsor Hotels UK in the area but, having water and wood in close proximity to each other makes the environment rich for wealth. Water is synomonous with wealth and it is self evident that this whole estate is one of great richness within the world of nature.

A fountain feature in the grounds behind is framed by some of the most outstanding trees in the area.

Much attention is paid to the colouring of the grounds, the design of the entrance, the beautiful tree photography on the walls but one aspect is always missing from most hotels and that is the power of aroma.

Aroma is very important because it does two things; it stamps our emotional memory of the place we are visiting quickly and simply and it quickly evokes an emotional reaction immediately so we know how we are responding to our environment whether its conscious or subconscious.

The leisure area would benefit from some fresh plants. Wood and water are great complements and enrich any environment.

The chapel area and the corridiors flowing towards that area are all thoughtfully lined with photographs relevant to the history of the Estate.  Some interesting pictures detailing the success of the students and their subsequent fame connects the building from the glory of its past to the present.

A building that is connected with its various phases throughout history leaves a more holistic wholeness and fluidity of time.

An opportunity to enjoy the grandiosity of a period designed property that offers the experience of enjoying all its different facets; an uplifting feeling.


I would recommend a stay at this Windsor Hotel UK – just for the magnetic entrance. To find out more on feng shui and how to implement it in your own space click the link below:

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