7 Days to Transform Your Life: Make Space for Love, Wealth & Health

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I wrote this book in four different countries and I could see how the environments were influencing me most of the time. Business worlds, luxury worlds, hotel spaces, leisure places all had messages inserted for the people that turned up to such environments.

What is Around You is within You

In fact, it only served to confirm to me even more that the idea that our vibrational fields we find ourselves living out of are sublimely influencing our decisions, mindset and direction in life. The colours, the messages of the art on the walls, to the prominence of a huge TV spouting out its mixed messages it is possible to realise that our 360 degree worlds are supporting a social, political, emotional construct that define who we think we are: www.brucelipton.com

Can I really Change my Life in 7 Days?

The book is not that the 7 Days will instantly change your world for better or for worse but more importantly that it will transform it because you are prepared for the opportunities that will be coming your way. If you are not aware through doing the exercises in the book how will you ever set yourself up for the great opportunities that are ALWAYS around you?

What is 7 Days when the preparations you create as a result of doing the exercises will set you up for a long time to transform those three main areas of your life. If you want to get on that journey now is the time to start. Book is available here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1916068103/

What results can I expect?

You will find that when you take these 7 steps towards changing what lies around you in your home or business you notice things that were there all the time. This is the magic of the 7 steps. Even just doing the first two steps is more than enough to realise that shifts start happening in your life.


Feedback from students; they cleared their clutter and they decided to leave their job. Another lady cleared out her clutter including her boyfriend. So often the stuff we have around us is often masquerading as procrastination or something greater or truly what we want to do. Stuff foggs up what is most important in our life and then we have to go and leave it all behind.

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