CathieCathi Hargaden has been teaching and consulting in the art of Feng Shui for the last twenty years. She has taught at workshops, universities, undertaken demonstrations at show rooms, Selfridges (retail store), hospitals and visited over 1000 homes and offices as a health professional & consultant.

Cathi has lived and travelled all over the world; offering consultations to small businesses in India, Bali and Australia.

Cathi has taught Feng Shui for various outlets; real estate, lawyers, businesses, entrepreneurs, mental health organisations; stage presentations and webinars, group and individual coaching and demonstration. Her topics have included the power of colour, sound, geometry, astrology, I Ching, electromagnetic resonance and space-clearing.

Cathi Hargaden is your next great guest!

  • How to improve your life by clearing out your clutter and space clearing your property.
  • How to double your success by ensuring your internal and external compasses are aligned.
  • How to attract the vibrational energy of money, wealth, health and happiness into your life using the principles of Feng Shui.

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