Art of Alchemy – Attention to the Pictures on Your Walls -E5

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The Art of Alchemy is about the power of Art on our walls and, how your pictures might be affecting your Life.


In this interview a textile artist shares her journey of textile art, meditation and spiritual realisaitons.


She talks about how Alchemy is associated with the element of metal; be it gold, silver, copper.

Symbollically it explains how we too within ourselves can transmute from the very slow physical energies that we believe is our true identity to the more faster vibrations that exist associated with our spiritual true nature.


Her project is an expression of the Art of Alchemy.  She talks about how she came across this project – how the theosophical subjects like astrology, alchemy and concepts like Feng Shui have always been around.


Catherina relates her own personal journey to developing her artwork alongside her spiritual discoveries .


Be aware of your own art work  and the impact it has on  you.


What do your pictures tell you how to be, do and feel?  What is the relationship you have with your environment?


Art work is the outer expression of what is going on inside…… have agreed to have a relationship with colour, design, geometry, texture whether you know it or not.  That is why colour and geometry are very powerful in everything we see around us andoften decides whether we are drawn to something or not.


That is why advertising and marketing are so powerful because these qualities of colour and design are sending powerful messages at all times.  What is the message that you would like to convey and does it have an alchemical quality to it.


PS    My Message  – Take control of the Alchemical nature of your pictures and what vibration and message it conveys to  you.  To discover more about how your environments influence you  go to:

to discover more.

Art of Alchemy

2 thoughts on “Art of Alchemy – Attention to the Pictures on Your Walls -E5

  1. by Richard

    Hi Cathi
    I really enjoyed reading and listening to this article on the Art of Alchemy. It is a fascinating and deep subject as we know, and as without so within, and to hear somebody speaking about the subject from practice rather than just theory is very refreshing. I look forward to following and reading more about your subject of Feng Shui in all its manifestations. Very dynamic site and a nicely designed header. Thank you – I will follow your blogs with interest. Richard

    1. by Cathi Hargaden Post author

      Hi Richard

      Thanks so much for your comments. If you liked this – well stick around because I am about to interview a few interesting people – we will be taking environments to a different level and this person is talking from first hand knowledge. He will blow your mind. So more to come my friend and thanx once again for listening. Regards Cathi

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