Attracting Wealth Thanks To Feng Shui With Cathi Hargaden

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Wealth is not just about money or cash flow but the very vibration of energy you exude from yourself within aswell as what surrounds you which is usually your home, work place and any other significant places. The people with the financial wealth often attract even more as there is an invisible code that keeps them attracting the same good fortune they have already. This code is part of that vibrational resonance that they have successfully groomed within themselves and so the question is how can you change that vibration yourself so that you attract exactly what you want. One way in which to make this shift is to create a relationship with what is in your environment so that it supports you in where you wish to go and what you want to pull in. Often you will see how many people want a part of the success energy for themselves but often they try to hook into other peoples energy instead of focusing upon their own levels; chakras, mind, meridians.

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