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Castle de Cazine exudes great Feng Shui for the guests!

Have you ever wondered why one hotel makes you feel elevated leaving you with a good vibration whilst another just doesnt have any vibe at all?

Castle hotels can exude a whole array of energies because they were built with defence in mind.
I mean, Who builds a castle these days? So most of them have a history and a well established energy pattern.

So, to renovate an amazing building, to make it attractive to a contemporary market but sustain the features of its bygone days is a tall feat to accomplish.

Chateau de Cazine has been renovated sympahtetically to the configuration of the original designs so presenting an environment that is ornamental but also contemporary.

It has a great energy at its entrance.

The lakes draw in positive chi to the building.
In the back of the property the building is protected by an array of different trees with different colours throughout the seasons. The arbotreum is a demonstration of how the 5 elements; fire, water, wood, earth and metal all work alongside the seasons throughout the year.

In this video I look at the oldest school of Feng Shui – called the Form School. I look at how the rear of the property is protected by the trees and the front of the property opens up to an horizon of water in lakes .

The owners of this castle hotel are intent on creating good vibrations by opening up its doors to great celebrations such as weddings.

When you have lots of good thoughts and feelings, a cooperative staff who help create that energy you have a vibration that people want to return to. People resonate with places where their feelings are mixed with good memories.


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