“Create A Powerful Home Office Space With Feng Shui”

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Make A Powerful Home Office Space

Do you do your business at home? What does your home office look like?

We often do everything in our office desk. From reading the papers, checking the mails, writing things to sometimes eating our food. All of these activities create chaos on our table.

We all know that keeping a cluttered table and office space has a lot of disadvantages. It keeps us from being productive, making it hard for us to look for documents and pieces of stuff that we need for our work.

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In feng shui, your office or home office is a place of power. It’s a space where you do your business. This is a good reason enough to make it clean at all times.

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Below are tips on how to make your home office into a place of power.

1. Organize and declutter your space. Clutter is bad feng shui. We often use a lot of things, from gadgets, clips to papers. Make sure to throw into the garbage the things that have no use and to put your gadgets in one place. Bundle the cables and wires to reduce their spread in your place.

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2. Choose your table carefully. Sharp corners in our desk can accidentally hurt us. It can also stop the flow of energy in our office space. When buying office tables, choose tables that have no sharp objects.

3. You are the king of your business and the chair is your throne. Choose chairs that have excellent support and makes you comfortable.

4. Place your desk in the powerful or command position. If possible, the wall should be behind you and you must have a good view of the window. You should be able to see who’s coming inside the office without being in line with the door.

5. Your office should be a place for productivity and success. Choose the colors and the decorations well. Bring out your creativity in designing your office.

6. Consider the light and air quality of your space. Your health is important. Put indoor plants and let the natural light inside your office.

The office is where we do business. Love your space. Have a good relationship with your office and it will definitely help you create a good flow of the energy of money or wealth.

If you want to know more or you need help with the flow of energy in your space, visit my website at www.wealthyspaces.com.

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