Do The Body Detox The Feng Shui Way Today

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Fruits and oats in a plate used to detoxify your body


Body Detox In 10 Easy Steps

Life can sometimes be stressful and one way to get rid of it is by body detox. Most people tend to overwork and live a busy life and ends up thinking that it is just normal. We take in more responsibilities than what we can take. Along with stress comes unhealthy food choices, thus making our mind and body weaker.

Fruits and oats in a plate used for body detox

Loving yourself means taking care of your health. One way of showing love to yourself is to do body detox.

Do the body detox the easy way:

1.  Eat your daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables most especially the green, leafy and yellow one. They help you remove the excess estrogen’s in your body.

2. Drink a healthy amount of tea every day. Tea’s are known to contain antioxidants. A lot of people have been drinking them since the ancient time.

3. Exercise as much as possible. Movement helps in stimulating your circulatory system. It improves your blood flow which in turn process the toxins in the body. Just be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body from dehydration.

4. Do not heat food in plastic. Plastic containers are made up of chemicals that causes certain types of cancers.

5. As much as possible buy organic products most especially food. If that is impossible, wash and peel the fruits and vegetables.

6. Avoid drinking alcohol. It can harm you. Drink red wine at least one glass a day.

7. Avoid or minimize the use of fatty foods. Bad cholesterol blocks and form plaques in the arteries.

8. Minimize the use of medical drugs unless you’re suffering from serious illness. Try to go to a nutritionist or a holistic doctor.

9. Always buy drinks in glass instead of cans or plastic. It is healthier and you’re doing Mother Earth a favor.

10. Use natural skin care products.

Do yourself a favor. Do the body detox today and live a quality life.

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