Feng Shui: Artwork on the Walls & What is it Broadcasting To You?

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   Artwork on the Walls

The amount of energy and money that fuels the advertising and marketing industries is unbelievable.  Those adverts on the internet, cars, posters and billboards are all designed to entice you into a certain state of feeling; whether to purchase a new car, house, or better still to feel you have failed so to create a drive to attain something so that you will FEEL a certain way.

I ask my clients to create their own powerful display of sublimely messaging themselves.  What pictures are on the walls in the lounge, kitchen and bedroom.  I invite them to look at colour, shape and form and think about what the pictures are relaying back so ensuring your pictures are constantly talking back to you and sublimely reminding you of your own strength, providing inspiration and generating that very feeling you wish to have in your life.  This is all about taking control over your own mind; be aware of how colour, aroma and sounds are affecting you.

For further details and to find out more you can reach me on www.wealthyspaces.com where there are free resources from podcasts on health to ebooks on Feng Shui for health.  If you want to contact myself my contact details are wealthyspaces@gmail.com

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