Feng Shui Business Office Secrets of Success

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Feng Shui Business

Feng Shui Business Office- L.A.

Why is Feng Shui Business Office  the place to start when you are re-vamping an existing business or starting a new one ?  This is where many businesses  fall down; procrastination; unclarified goals, poor focus are just a few of the obstacles that meet the modern day entreprenur.

They are trying to create a successful business whilst all around them is one of chaos, lack of creativity, disharmony amongst the staff.  I spoke to Julie who runs her own fashion business in the east end of London.

Her views on implementing what she had learned on a Feng Shui Workshop are amazing to hear.  She tells us how she was captivated by what she heard and how it resonated with her own home,business and office.

How many of us have sat in offices where plants are dying, the flow of energy is disrupted by blockages, low morale in the work place?

People are surrounded by institutional colours and subtley informed to not be particuarly creative in their work.  Do we realise that what we choose to surround ourselves with whether people, pictures or design all impact on our health, wealth and wellbeing.

Did you know that Feng Shui Business, Office and Retail enviornments such as supermarkets all are designed to dictate the flow in which people move around the shops – sublimely suggesting where and what they need to buy.

Why do you have to go through the whole store just to buy basics like bread, butter and milk?

It is because we will catch many other items to buy in the process……..and so it goes…..how does your business and office influence your choice on how you feel, think and what you believe.

Julie talks not only about how colours in fashion affects our feelings, but how geometric designs influence are desire to purchase designs in fashion.

Feng Shui Business Office is very important to the overall production of a company and we can see this evidently in more creative, colourful and vibrational environments in apple, google and vodaphone.

Feng Shui Business Office

Feng Shui Business Office


You see google has plenty of inspirational colours, designs and geometries surrounding their workforce sufficient for them to extract the creative ideas that give the company its unique selling point.

What does your office say about you and your team?Are you using your Feng Shui Business Offices tips effectively?

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  1. by Ron

    Thankyou for the info..I got a Very good insight ,and has pointed me in the right direction.like a compass…

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