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Exactly Andy!  Don’t we all notice the blocks everyday when driving, on buses, waiting for the trains

that never arrive?  He hit the nail on the head when you are all geared up to go but something beyond

your control has blocked you.  I found myself too in the same situation just a couple of days ago.

It comes back to the flow in ourselves and the flow in our lives and having been in over 2000 homes

I see how people so easily are blocked: http://bit.ly/2p5FwHi

But another interesting principle Andy mentions is the Balance and that it is a dynamic principle; we

are constantly oscillating within ourselves a bit of yin a bit of yang all designed to keep or restore

some semblance of order within but most of the times we are dealing with chaos, extremes or

stagnancy which in itself is energy spiralling downwards.

These concepts of BALANCE and FLOW that Andy mentions in relation to our lives and to

our journey of entrepreneurialism is just that; moving, balancing, stopping, starting, stucking, stuck,

moving, flying ahead, stop, start and go.

In the 5 Elemental Cycle it exactly describes and tracks the flow of having an idea, moving it on like

water, growing it like a tree, getting it done like fire and then not only manifesting but receiving the

fruits of that action by earthing with results and so motion goes onto gain momentum in another cycle

Having moments of stillness out of all that action do allow you to take stock,

reflect and allow new ideas to emerge; its often when you are relaxing and not bothered that like new

shoots new ideas emerge – they may not come to you in times of stillness but when you have returned

to motion but the period of stillness provided the space for new ideas to enter.

Clear the clutter from your space around you allows you to move in a direction you want to.  Find

out more in my webinar here:http://bit.ly/2bEku0Q or go to www.wealthyspaces.com

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