Feng Shui Prerequisite: Clutter-free with Joshua Becker

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This is a youtube video – I liked this guy’s attitude and has a similar philosophy to what I teach too!

It’s not just about what you see on the outside its your state of mind and where you are in yourself.

So, you have to take that into account; its not just about tangible clutter blocking your hallways and


I have done webinars, interviews across the world as well as walking into over 1000 homes and I can

tell you that some people have started clearing their office, home as they hear me speak.  So, when I

have spoken about clutter there seems to be an epiphany for many people so much so that they want

to take Action right away.  Is this You?

As a Health Professional, the main thing I have noted is how peoples’ health is always affected by

what is surrounding them; clutter!

 Lost memories, stored sadnesses, chaotic misfit purchases;

 Is this You?

I have been in so many homes where people are shouting, arguing, conflict arises; where for the

elderly their mobility is compromised as they end up on the floor for hours due to objects

constricting their flow, accumulation of objects in a corner affecting peoples’ mental health.

Is this you or somebody you know?

Some people I dealt with we could not start right away because I had to get pass their shame and

guilt before we could do anything.

So, what can you do about it?  You can pick up my free ebook to help you that is for sure!


Or, if you want someone to get you started or assist in this process go to


Either way, do yourself a favour & get on this journey now before Your environment starts

influencing your level of health both mentally and physically.  Let Go Now……


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