Feng Shui Tips For A Water Element Person’s Home

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House Decoration Ideas Of A Water Element Person’s Space

Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature. It is the only feng shui element that can exist in several different states, from liquid to gas to solid. It is a different kind of power. It can be a powerful healer, as well as the powerful destroyer.


Water is the ancient symbol of abundance, so be sure you are skillful at expressing the water element in your space in order to attract money and good health.


Blue is the color of water element people. It’s calm, cool, and refreshing. It promotes a deeper sense of connection to life’s mysteries.

How do you bring a strong presence of the water feng shui element into your space? Make your space visually appealing, and use aesthetically appropriate items that go well with your home or office decor. Water element should be in the feng shui Bagua areas of North, East, and Southeast.

These are suggestions of decorative items that best express the energy of the water element:

                                              fountain by globalsources.com

1.) The best way to keep the energy of water feng shui element in your space is a fountain. It will create better energy in your space, bring in calm, and refresh your own energy.


2.) Color is the easiest way to bring the needed energy shift of your home, or in your office. Water feng shui element people should use the colors of blue, and black.

                                             pillows by chologifts.com

3.) Use more water colors in your space with pillows, rugs, and curtains.

                                                   mirror by target      

4.) Mirrors can change the flow of energy in any given space. It brings a strong presence of the water element, so it is good to use it in the home, or office. However, mirrors should be banned inside the bedroom.



5.) Paintings can do wonders to your feng shui space. You can open up a North wall by decorating it with a high energy ocean or nourish your Southeast wall with a spring waterfall.


6.) Decorate your house with indoor plants such as lotus, water chestnut, water lily, or willow.

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