Feng Shui Tips For The Fire Element Person

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House Decorating Tips For The Fire Element Person

Are you a fire element person? People who belong to the fire element are passionate, exciting, and intense. They know what they want and pursue them with passion. They love the juice of life, the experience, and give pride to their accomplishments.

In feng shui, the fire people are impulsive, and brave. They don’t have time to stay still. They’re opinionated, and love to reinvent. They’re charismatic, and interesting to be around with, which makes them catch other people easily. They are comfortable talking in public, and they don’t hide their problems.

They are also very much devoted, and passionate about exploring their relationship. They tend to show their feelings, and are fearless in expressing it.


We all need some fire element in our lives because it brings in the action component that is essential if we want to achieve anything into our lives.  It is all about balance because sometimes the fire energy and the running around too much often achieves nothing.  It has to be strategised action carefully thought through for the results you want to achieve.

People with too much fire can be impulsive, obsessive, and immature. This leads them to making up with poor decisions which can be very devastating later on most especially with money. Their prone to change can sometimes lead them to betraying others.

The colors for them are red, and orange. They love spicy, strong-flavored, and tangy food. They love hard rock, heavy metal, brass, and angry music.

Here’s how to decorate a  fire element person’s home:

Color it red. Color is the easiest way to bring the needed shift in the energy in your home or office. Try to paint your wall with red, royal, purple, or orange.

Bring in a strong presence of the fire element with red colored vases. Use different sizes to add drama to your place.

Use candles, and candle holders. Decorate your space with red, purple, or orange candles, and candle holders. They’re good substitute for the fireplace.

Accentuate your place with good quality chandeliers. Use different shapes, and good lighting. They will be good conversation piece.

Decorate your wall with beautiful art pieces in red, orange, or yellow.

Use rugs, curtains, and throw pillow in your space. They are visually pleasing to the eyes.

Choose a red furniture for your space. This will brighten, and bring more energy to your space.


If you want to bring more fire into your life and you want to put organization, and balance in your home, feel free to contact me. Kindly visit my website at www.wealthyspaces,com. Together, let’s bring in harmony, and balance in your space.

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