Feng Shui Tips – An Introduction- E2

POSTED BY Cathi Hargaden April 15, 2014 IN Podcast | 2 Comments

In this Introduction to Feng Shui Tips you will be delighted to discover that we will be covering subjects from colour to crystals, geopathic stress to clutter – all aspects of how you can improve your environment and welcome the benefits that will emerge.

The benefits of Feng Shui Tips are that you will be able to get a good nights sleep, no more popping pills when you discover that the computer, tv and other electro magnetic equipment in which you find yourself living and sleeping has affected  your mood and health.

Simple realisations that you can change the colour, design and layout of your home.

Why not create a message within your own home – one of tranquility, harmony and equilibrium. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

But the Feng Shui Tips go even further; this is not a crack pot idea from the east but an ancient philosophy where you will discover that sacred geometry, philosophy and meditation were all forces within the design of this amazing system we call Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tips – even if you implement just one will have a knock on effect improving your quality of life and you start to take control within your inner architecture – that is your mind, emotions and your immediate environment whether that be a caravan, yurt, mansion or just a simple house in your street.

Discover the different topics we will be looking at and speaking to guests about their paritcular field  on the Feng Shui Mastery Show.

Crystals - One of the many Feng Shui Tips on offer

Crystals – One of the many Feng Shui Tips on offer

2 thoughts on “Feng Shui Tips – An Introduction- E2

  1. by George

    You mentioned I Ching.Is it possible for you to interview someone with a background of I Ching? That would be very interesting,I’m sure.

    1. by Cathi Hargaden Post author

      Yes, there will be a guest to talk about the I Ching. Its a fascinating system which will give you insights into aspects of your home and life you never knew before. Keep listening for the forthcoming interviews.

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