Getting To Know Feng Shui

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The Truth About Feng Shui

We always hear about the word feng shui. However, our knowledge about it is very limited. We think that it is just about arranging the things in our space for the purpose of abundance.

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Below are the eight things that you don’t know about feng shui.

1. Feng shui is not a trend. This philosophy has been used for more than three thousand years and is gaining popularity in the West because of its effectiveness.

2. We are surrounded by energy. It is the only constant force in the universe. Feng shui deals with using this energy in a way that it will affect us in a positive way.

3. The five elements of feng shui are earth, water, fire, wood, and metal. Harmony and balance come from using the five elements in a correct way.

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4. Using the Bagua map is important when applying feng shui in your home. It is an important tool in feng shui and it should be used correctly.

5. Specific colors represent each of the five elements. Green and brown are for the wood element, Light yellow, light brown and earthy colors belong to the earth element, the red, orange and pink colors belong to the fire element, the white and gray colors are for the metal element, and blue and black color belong to the water element.

6. There are some places in our space that are more important than others. These spaces can affect our health, wealth and relationships.

7. The main entrance of a property is important. It is called the mouth of chi.It should be inviting and free from any clutter.

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8. Feng shui is about the powers of nature. It is about using what mother nature has given us to make a positive living. When constructing or renovating your home, prefer to have bigger doors and windows to let the sunshine in. Use indoor plants to purify the air that you breathe in your space.

Applying good feng shui in our place is a must. When there’s balance in your space, peace, and harmony exist which means happiness and prosperity.

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