Good Feng Shui Your Bathroom

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The Easy Steps In Creating A Feng Shui Bathroom

A bathroom is an important part of the house. It’s a part of our home where we do our personal hygiene activities.

A good feng shui bathroom can help you create a good place for renewal and release all the unwanted things in your life.

You don’t need to spend so much in order to have a nice bathroom. The most important thing is your place is it is clean, organized, well ventilated and well-lit.

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Below are simple ways on how to create a good feng shui bathroom.

1. Clean and always close the toilet seat. Water is regularly flushed down the toilet. In feng shui water is wealth so closing down the toilet after every use minimizes the loss of money.

2. Pay attention to your bathroom door. Make sure that the back is not cluttered. Doors are the entryway of energy. Make sure that you can open it more than 90 degrees.

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3. Pay close attention to your lighting. Lightings symbolizes fire energy. They represent the fire in you. Your dreams, desire, and ambition. Most of the time, we take them for granted. They collect dust. Make your room brighter by dusting your lighting or change it to higher wattage.

4. Say goodbye to your unused cosmetics and toiletries. We take so much effort in clearing our bedroom, living room and kitchen that we forget to clean our bathroom. Get rid of expired products because they are considered as clutter.

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