Happy Kids And Good Feng Shui

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Applying good feng shui in our home is one way of raising happy and loving kids. It relieves them from any trouble or negative feeling during their growing up years.
Kids are energetic by nature. They need a space that will give them the freedom to move. 
Feng shui can help you create a space that unleashes your children’s creativity. It can help you make a place that will make your kids feel safe, happy, and loved.
Here are good feng shui tips that you can use in your child’s space.
1. Clear your child’s room from all the unnecessary clutter. Most children’s have a lot of things that they don’t actually need. It makes their place smaller and stagnates their imagination. 
2. Choose the colors well. Light colors and some artwork can stimulate your child’s spirit. Dark colors can be depressing which is bad energy. Use light colors such as yellow, light green, pink and purple.

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Artworks that promote violence is a no-no. Use artworks that will inspire them or foster their sense of security.
3. Your child’s health is important. Make sure that your children’s room is free from dust and stale air. Open the windows and clean as often as you can.
4. Dedicate a space where they can develop their creativity and accomplishments. Put sufficient light in the study area and dedicate a place where they can display their accomplishments.

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5. Place happy pictures of you and your child. This will remind them that parents have the authority and at the same time let them feel that he has a family that will support him all the way.
Kids grow up fast. Make sure that you focus on the important things. Good health, happiness, and a healthy relationship are the most important things that they can have.
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