House Decorating Tips For The Metal Element Person

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The Metal Element Person And His Home

There are people who have strong personality. They always tend to overpower the people around them. These people are the likes of US President George W. Bush, and United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

In feng shui, such people belong to the metal element. They are strong, self motivated, and goal oriented. They are highly capable, and have a strong sense of pride. Metal people are responsible, disciplines, and loyal. They foster good relationships with the people around them. In other words they are born leaders.

Along with their strong personality comes their negative side, and weaknesses. Metal people are impatient by nature. They’re stubborn, critical, harsh, and sometimes self-centered.

Their colors are white, golden, and silver. Metal people also love spicy food.

These are the home decoration tips for metal element people:

1.) Decorate your space withe metal bowls or vases. Use different shapes, and sizes to add character to your space.

2.) Use gray, or white colored pillows to make your space interesting.

3.)  A white colored sofa will make your living room look neat, and clean.

4.) Tell the world about your childhood, or the important events in your life by putting your photos on metal colored frames.

5.) Shift the energy in your home by painting your walls with white, or gray.

6.) Maximize the energy in your space by adding Buddha in your place.

7.) Create a well-lit home by using good quality fixtures. Make sure to use gold, or silver color chandeliers.

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