House Decorating Tips For The Wood Element Person

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The Wood Element Person And His Home

The wood element person is kind, understanding, and gentle. They love charity work.

Just like the characteristics of a tree which is aggressive when it comes to growth, wood type people are steadfast, organized, logical, practical, innovative, unique, assertive, independent, and direct. They love adventure, and challenge. They also love perfection that is why they always push themselves to the limit, and seek out the best.

Wood type people has a lot of weaknesses too. They are impatient, intolerant, and get upset, and frustrated easily.

Wood element people like sour, and salty food rather than the spicy taste, and their colors are blue, green, and brown.

Here are some tips on how to decorate a wood element person’s home:

Bring in the wood feng shui element into your home or office with lush and healthy plants. It purifies your air and it’s easy to do.

Decorate your living rooms with paintings that depict lush forest or even waterfalls. It is a symbol of abundance and abundance means money.

Love collecting? Wood sculpture can be added on your list.

Consider painting your wall with wood element colors. Brown and green colors are great for the walls.

The sound of wind chimes takes away the bad energies in your place. Let go of your stress by listening to the sound of the wind chimes.

A wooden bench are great for the house too. Buy something that will serve as a good conversation piece.

Throw pillows or rags that has tree or plant design or are in wood element colors.

If you’re a wood element person and you wish to put balance in your space, don’t hesitate to contact me. Kindly check my website at

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