Is Dubai a Feng Shui Nightmare? –

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A few trips to Dubai & Abu Dhabi with huge amounts of building cranes as the city’s profile prompted me to observe and consider how this whole desert area really could have been designed.

Hey I am no architect nor a designer but have visited so many cities across the world I have lost count.  With my Feng Shui training and experiences in assessing spaces and places I wondered if there had been any urban planning really gone into this whole area.

Dreams of the desert, Arabian Nights and exotic perfumes of Oud combined with the palm trees was something I had imagined.  This area of the globe had so much potential to capitalise on its desert roots, the architecture and its amazing focus on aroma but it seems as though someone gave a few people a load of money and they just threw up a whole load of malls, high risers and the tallest building in the world.

Yes we have the Jumeriah Tower with its floating patterns of palm trees but Feng Shui is about flow of energy and in the major city area we see nothing but blocked traffic and irate drivers.

However, a trip to Abu Dhabi appears to have a lot more space with some really spaced out buildings-at times it feels like you are in an out of space zone.  It almost feels like parts of the west have been just dropped down into an empty space other times there are amazing pieces like those in the video below.

Look around where you live or are visiting now – how are the buildings with their shapes, designs, colours, aromas making you feel?  Depressed, awe inspiring, secure, relaxed?  This is the power of what lies around us.  Straight lines follows a logical, one pointed mentality; curves, arches allow the eye to move in a flowing manner and creates a more yin response from the perceiver.

Find out how you feel when you see the above and comment below on what buildings mystify you?  To find out also how you can shift the energy of your own home contact me on

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