Living In The Present Through Feng Shui

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Feng shui is about living with a balanced life by making us live in the present. It help us get in touch with the present moment by teaching us how to accept and let go of the things that are beyond our control.

One of the principles of feng shui is to arrange your things and environment to let good energy flow into your home. This in turn helps you achieve clarity of the mind. When your mind is clear, you can focus on the things that you want to achieve.

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If you have dreams in life or you wish a brand new start, apply this feng shui tips that will help you live in the present, let you experience happiness and have life balance.

1. Find time to go on meditation. It is an important step when it comes to finding inner peace. Find a quiet place in your home, play some music like the sound of nature or any instrumental music and light a scented candle.

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2. Let go of the things that’s been stopping you from growing. Bad experiences and grudges holds you back from living a good life.

3. Practice deep breathing. Deep breathing is good for your health. It relaxes your muscles, decreases your blood pressure and quells anxiety. Do it at least twice a day.

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4. Feel your surroundings. Appreciate the things that surrounds you. Touch the flowers, trees and even feel the wind against your skin. If you don’t have garden or there are no trees wound you, put some indoor plants to purify the air that you breathe. You can also use different scents.

5. Don’t do the same things over and over again. Try other shops when you go shopping, a different route in going to work and discover different activities for you and the whole family.

Life is short. We encounter stress every day but that does not mean that we have to take it and live with it. By accepting the things that happened in the past, we are able to move on and have a better life.

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