Six Ways To Feng Shui The House Of An Earth Element Person

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Your Home According To Your Birth Element

What is your personality according to the five elements? Do you belong to the earth, metal, water, wood, or fire?

Learn your feng shui birth element, and create your home around it.

People who belong to the earth element are caring and selfless. They are supportive to the people around them, and even to strangers. Earth people care about what is real, physical, and experiential. Their goals are achievable, they are patient, and methodical in working toward them. In order to express their creativity, they need to their own energy.

They love their home, and it is usually a welcoming place, with comfortable chairs, plenty of food to eat, and pictures on the walls. Their favorite activities are gardening, cooking, eating, and building. Earth people are committed in their relationships, faithful, and trustworthy.

Enumerated below are feng shui tips for an Earth element person:

1.) Decorate your house with colors such as orange, red, beige, terracotta, brown, and all earth colors.

2.) Minimizing using the colors green, white, and gray.

3.) Use crystals, and stones to bring the earth element into your space. Learn how to use them to have a happier, calmer, and peaceful home.

4.) Use chandeliers in Earth colors with crystals on it.

5.) Earthenware bowls, and vases has a rich Earth element. They are good for your home.

6.) Terracotta colored rugs, pillows, and curtains create good feng shui. They strengthen the foundation of your home, and bring good energy to your space.

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