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The importance of what surrounds you is much greater than ever before.  Look at how Delhi in India almost had to close down because of the pollution in the environment.  Last time I was in New Delhi my nose started bleeding a condition that I have never suffered from before.

So when I was at a hospital outside Manchester, Whittington Hospital recently, I was amazed as I drove up to the institution the amazing settings it was based.  It is smack in the middle of amazing countryside and it wasn’t until I sat down to have some tea that I discovered the exhibition above.

It was honouring the importance of LIGHT and how doses of light can affect not only our mental health but on a cellular level canchange the activity of cells so that they feel fed and operate more efficiently.

Also, the supply of nature when trying to heal is of paramount importance and probably why the hospital was located in that area.  Find out more for yourself on how you can change your own health, especially sleep when millions of people across the globe are suffering from insomnia.

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Ask YourSelf What Do You Do To Ensure Your Own Mental & Physical Wellbeing?

Take Responsibility for Your Own Wellbeing by:

    1. Take out t.v.s of the bedroom, don’t face a mirror, remove all electromagnetic gadgets including phones, computers.
    2. Change the colour of your bedroom to a relaxing colour, ensure there is no clutter underneath the bed or hanging over you.
    3. Having light that is of a certain frequency affects how you heal.  Whilst out of the Room or Home put up a crystal hanging by a window to stop the energy stagnating and create rainbows around your rooms-this in turn affects the light in your own home.
    4. What is on the Walls is speaking to you – bowls of fruit, pictures of Nature, Pictures that speak about your dreams.
    5. What you eat, what movement you do, what sounds you listen to, what patterns are being created around you – change them all so that you are starting to feel more in control of your own life.  

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