The Mirrors In Feng Shui

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Good Feng Shui With Mirrors

A mirror is an important accessory of the house. It’s where we go to when we want to see our physical self.
In feng shui, mirrors bring the energy of the water element.  It has a number of unique abilities. It can multiply or deplete the good energy of an area. 
It’s the reason why it should be used in specific areas only. 
Use the tips below in order to maximize the use of mirrors.
1.Multiply abundance by placing your mirror in the dining room. The dining room represents the capacity to hold wealth
2. Hang mirrors that reflect the beautiful views of nature. It activates Mother Nature’s healthy chi.

3. Use whole mirrors which you can see yourself. Unlike fragment mirrors which makes you incomplete, whole mirrors make you feel whole.

4. Put mirrors where they can add light and movement to your space most especially in dark places. It brings in the good chi.

5. Place mirrors that will double your money. It should reflect the cash register or jewelry box or close to the front door of a shop.

6. Use mirrors for small spaces. It will make it look bigger. Bigger spaces let you breathe.

Bringing in good energy in our place do not need to be expensive. It’s just a matter of putting our things in the right places.

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