The Relationship Of Fruits And Abundance In Feng Shui

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The Relationship Of Fruits And Abundance In Feng Shui

Fruits. It’s a necessity. It’s one of the most important things in this world. Its main function is to nourish and maintain our health.

However, in feng shui, fruits other different use. It’s also being used for attracting wealth, long life and fertility.

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These are the most popular fruits in feng shui.

Apple – It symbolizes good health, peace, and harmony in the home. The red color of the fruit brings prosperity and abundance. In the Chinese language, the word for apple has similar sound like their word for peace. Apples that have different colors are also being used in feng shui.

Grapes – Grapes symbolize the abundance of food or money. It is good in attracting material wealth for you and your family. It also turns bad luck into good luck.

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Orange – Considered as the most popular fruit in feng shui. It can get rid of bad luck.It is believed that 9 oranges in the living room or kitchen can bring you good luck and fortune. If you don’t have orange, try to use tangerine, lime, lemon or any citrus fruit.

Peach – It symbolizes immortality or long life. It is also being used to attract the energy of health and wealth or money. It is also being used as a symbol of love and marriage.

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Pineapple – It brings good fortune. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The word of pineapple in Chinese is similar to “good luck is coming your way.”

Pomegranate -If you are having fertility issues, use pomegranate. It also symbolizes good luck, health, and happiness in the family. This is good most especially for young couples who are starting a family.

One important thing when putting fruits on the table is that it should always be fresh. You can also substitute real fruits with paintings or images of fruits.

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