Water For Good Feng Shui

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The Power of Water For Good Health And Wealth

Water is one of the most powerful sources of nature. It can be a healer and it can also be a destroyer.

In feng shui, water is one of the most popular feng shui cures. The sound of it brings in good energy and it brings calm to one’s soul.


Water is the symbol of wealth and abundance. It is considered as good feng shui.

These are the reason to use indoor fountain in your home:

It acts as a humidifier to your air. Most especially during winter where the air in our home becomes dry. It gives moisture to the room and they are good for the plants too.

They add visual appeal to your space. If you have a nice looking water fountain, they can become a good conversation piece.


Indoor water fountains also produce negative ions that attract dust and other irritants. It clears our air.

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