Your Health And Feng Shui

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Have Good Health For Feng Shui

We often hear people say “health is wealth.” That money is nothing if good health is missing.

Feng shui talk about creating a well-balanced life. It deals with harmony around us, inside of us and the connection of our surroundings to our health.

When applying feng shui to our health, we should do the basic things first.

Here are a few but important basic feng shui tips for your health and home:

Welcome sunlight into your space. Molds and mildews can grow in our space. It triggers allergies. When we bring in the natural source of sunlight into our space, we minimize the growth of these fungi, keeping our family healthy and safe.

Make way for a well-ventilated space. Most houses these days are using a centralized air conditioner.
From morning until evening, we let our family inhale stale air. By opening our windows and putting live plants inside our spaces, we are letting fresh air into our place. We give our family healthy air to breathe.

A clean and neat space is essential to our health. Clutter is the hiding place of dust and dust is a good company of germs. Clutter also makes us grumpy and lazy, thereby affecting our way of life. Get rid of unnecessary things in your house. Let go of anything that’s been dragging you in your life.

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