4 Easy Steps To Prepare Your Home For Easter

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Little easter eggs scattered all over the table and inside a white ceramic.
Celebrate Easter With These Feng Shui Steps

Easter is a celebration for most people. For some people, it is the time for picnics, family gathering and Easter egg hunt. But for some people, it is a time for spiritual reflection.


Just like Feng Shui, Easter is a time for rebirth and renewal. The symbols used means a time for new beginnings. Use it correctly and it will help you live a life with happiness and abundance.

Here are 4 easy steps that you should do to have a more memorable Easter celebration:

1. Use pastel colors during the celebration. If Christmas is known for the red color, then Easter is better known for pastel hues. Use pastel colored decorations to make the mood in your home more festive. Pastel colors are also known to be more calming.

2. Host an Easter egg hunt game for the little kids. This kind of activity engages the minds of the little ones and brings the family members closer to each other. Unleash your creative side by painting the eggs with nice and fun colors. Always remember, a happy place is a space filled with good vibrations.

3. Bring nature into your home with the help of white lilies. This beautiful flower represent calm, divine energy, virtue and most of all, purity. For a peaceful home, put it in the Northwest area of your  space and in the Northeast area if you want spiritual growth.

4. Rabbits bring joy to everybody. People find Easter bunnies cute and calming. In the eastern world, they are known to represent fertility, immortality, wealth, happiness and love.

Celebrating Easter need not be expensive. The most important thing is that everybody is happy.   The Easter tips mentioned above will surely bring good memories to each and everyone present in the celebration.

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