The Must Have Feng Shui Plants In Your Garden

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A white lotus flower that is one of the most popular among all feng shui plants.

Enhance Good Energy In Your Space By Using Feng Shui Plants

Creating a beautiful graden in your home using Feng Shui plants can bring you more health benefits more than you can imagine. From relieving the stress in your body to purifying the air that you breathe.

Choosing what plants to put in your garden is a little bit challenging and fun. It unleashes the artist in you. It is also mentally stimulating and keeps your mind sharp.

Listed below are the 10 must have Feng Shui plants in your garden:

1. The lotus flower is the top Feng Shui plant on our list. For the Chinese people, this flower is a symbol of protection. It is being used in Chinese medicine, from the petals down to the roots.

2. The peony is known as the national flower of China. It represents aristocracy, power, wealth, honor and luck making it an important Feng Shui plant in your garden. It is commonly used in Chinese art and it is called the flower of riches and honor.

3.  The daylily is the symbol of maternal love and fertility, making it the flower for the mothers. it is also a symbol of filial love. It is commonly used as food and herb by the Chinese people.

4. When it comes to plants, the bamboo is easily identified with the Chinese culture. It is a common thing in parks and forests in China. It symbolizes virtue. It is believed to reflect people’s soul and emotion most especially their positive spirits.

5. The orchid is known to represent the qualities of a gentleman like graciousness, culture and nobility. It also represent the energy, purity and graceful beauty.

6. The pomegranate represents fertility in Feng Shui. Couples who want to have kids are advised to plant the tree in their garden. It is believed that the seeds in the fruit means the number of offspring a couple can have.

7. Apple trees are known to bring luck. It also symbolize good relationships in the home.

8. An orange tree is known to bring luck. It is connected with wealth, good luck and abundance.

9. Plum trees means the signal of darkness and the start of a new beginning. It represent charm, friendship and brotherliness.

10. The pine tree is also a must have in your garden. It belongs to the wood energy and it never wane. It represent dignity, longevity, resilience and integrity. It is believed that the roots represent our ancestors and the branches are our offspring and our future.

These feng shui plants bring good energy to your space. Take good care of them. Lush and healthy plants give good energy while wilted and dying plants bring bad energy to your space.

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