Top 8 Space Cleansing Tools For Your Home


Your Must Have Space Cleansing Tools

Space cleansing tools comes in different forms and sizes. It’s just a matter of choosing the tool that you find it easier and comfortable to use.

Fragrance and flowers that are used as space cleansing tools.

People since the ancient times have been using different space cleansing tools to clear the energies in their surroundings. It is advised that people do space cleansing at least once a year, most especially after a big family argument or separation. You should also do space cleansing before transferring to a new home.

Each space cleansing tool listed below are proven to help you in clearing the energies in your space:

1. Fir, lavender, sweetgrass and sage have long been used in space clearing. They are used in smudging and are known as the sacred smoke bowl. It purifies the air in about any space.

2. Using incense is gaining popularity these days. It is not only used in the altars of Asian countries but it is also often used in meditation and yoga rooms. There are different kinds of incense. Use the scent that you like best.

3. The air spray or diffuser is also popular in the market. It is the most convenient way of purifying the energy in your space. There are different scents available in the market.

4. Using a candle as a space cleansing tool is one of the cheapest way to invite good energy in your home. Candles bring warmth in your space and helps release stress. They come in different sizes, forms and colors.

5. The singing bowls bring a powerful kind of energy to one’s home. It heals and purifies every space. It has been used in Asia since 3000 years ago and considered to be one of the oldest space cleansing tool. It is more powerful than the bell. Choose a high quality bowl. It gives a higher and pure resonance.

6. Flowers brings life to every space. They also bring harmony, joy and a sense of calm to any given space. Expensive or not, flowers can change the vibrations in your space as long as it is fresh and properly arranged.

7. The crystal  is not only a space cleansing tool that can create energy in your place but also strengthens your own energy. Each crystal has a specific energy. Choose the one that fits your needs.

8. Altars are important to most Asian families. It is considered an expression of gratitude and give offerings. It is also used for asking special blessings and protection If you want to have one, make sure that it has the symbols of love, protection and devotion.

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