Increase Your Productivity With Feng Shui Part 2

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Feng Shui Tips To Increase Productivity In The Office

Productivity in the workplace measures the efficiency of a person. The success of a company depends on the productivity of all of its employees.

The following tips below will help you increase your productivity in the workplace:

1. Sufficient lighting in the office is good Feng Shui. A darker office can make you feel tired while a well lighted working space wakes us up and sets your biological clock.

According to a study, natural light improves productivity and performance at work. Make sure that natural sunlight can get inside your office. If it’s not possible, keep your space lighted by putting additional light bulb where it is necessary. Choose the one that suits you.

2. Do not put your desk in front of walkways. It is considered the negative energy’s path. The opening and closing of doors distracts you in your work.

3. Your desk should not be placed near the window. The activities outside the office will call for your attention. It can be so distracting.

4. Avoid using a low hanging furniture and having beams in the office. It gives the feeling of being in a cramped space. It makes you feel uncomfortable.

5. Display photos of your loved ones. It will serve as your inspiration. It reminds you to carry on and never give up. It makes the heavy tasks lighter.

6. Choose the right furniture. A big table is not appropriate for a small office. Your chair should also make you feel comfortable since you will be sitting for long periods of time.

7. Keep your office neat and simple. Less is more. Using too much decorations can be irritating to the eyes. It makes the place look too crowded.

Using Feng Shui in the office can help you focus on what is important. It increases your productivity which in turn brings you closer to your goals.  Apply these techniques today and experience change in your office.

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