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Feng Shui: How To Get Your Business House in Order.

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Having been in over 100 offices throughout the U.K. and Australia you start to see a pattern that
occurs in peoples’ environments.  Often the artwork does not support them at all in fact it becomes an
obstacle to the very philosophy of the business.
Working from the Chinese principles of the 5 elements: each one offers a totally different kind of 
energy and all businesses require all of them to different levels.  It offers Balance in the business 
whether it be communication, negotiation, foundations, mission marketing, branding – the list is 
endless that creating a balance is what people sublimely perceive how the business operates.
The directions of the rooms, tables, the positioning of the CEO and how the area is for the rest of the 
team.  Taking care of the team is paramount to performance and energy creation.
The element of Wood is to do with the presence of plants as they are indicative of growth, research 
and branching out to other people, customers, and ideas.
Having the element of Fire commands the passion and energy regarding the business; all success 
comes from the energetic footprint of the innovators, the workers, the leaders.  So having a balanced 
amount of Fire energy is most important especially in the advertising & marketing areas.
Water is one of the most important elements also because water is synonymous with Wealth and flow 
associated with cash; this may mean a fish tank, a small fountain or even a picture on the wall of 
water moving.
Want to know about the elements of earth and metal in your Business House; contact me for more
details through

Feng Shui & The Power of Sound Vibrations

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Yes, who hasn’t heard those striking, reverberating sounds of the singing bowls vibrating sounds that

seem to go on forever.  I interviewed my friend Ongar with his selection of singing bowls he sells to

people to all over the world and usually its for the reason for cleansing their spaces and enjoying the

peaceful sounds they create.  Enjoy this interview about the singing bowls here

and discover how creating your own rituals resonates a cleansing of your own home and business


We talked about the elements; earth, fire, water, wood and metal – all required to create the balance

people desire in their life; whether it be in their diet or how they establish their homes, spaces and

anything else outside of you.

The quality of the metal and the ingredient you choose inside of the bowl; salt, rice and water – to see

these ingredients move with the vibration of the bowls is magical to see but more importantly the

power of these elements, earth, water have an alchemical affect on your space – water creates

negative ions into the atmosphere and thereby balancing the feeling and atmosphere in your room.

Having rice or salt acts as a cleansing ingredient upon the atmosphere.

Why not listen to Ongar here and try it out for yourself.  Enjoy!

Feng Shui : A Cluttered Life: Middle-Class Abundance

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I just discovered this amazing video about the trials of the modern consumer buried amongst their

stuff; anthropologists looking at what this all means and how will it be all understood in years to

come.  It’s a compliment to what I wrote in my own ebook and provides an

opportunity to realise that our mass consumption is a symptom of all the marketing and advertising

we have been hostage to especially via the television.

It has almost become a contemporary disease where stuff substitutes the more basic needs of man –

love, comaderies, relationships, friendships and how we have buried ourselves with so much clutter

that our own minds reflect what the eyes see around.

The dictum “An empty room is an opportunity” starts to make sense here when you see that when

space becomes filled the opportunity to create begins to diminish.  The occupier is the victim of the

clutter that they were subliminally collecting over time and then becomes an addiction to some when

they cant let go.

Letting go is a difficult quality to cultivate when we live in a world of acquisition and what is mine

remains around me.

What about your space-is it balanced? is it cluttered or is it too minimalist that it reflects no

relationship with anything or anyone; has your health been compromised?  has your wealth

diminished?  if you want to find out ways of how to shift the energies within your home or business 

Go to

Feng Shui & Ayurveda Synchroncity: Balance & Enrichment!

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Ancient Philosophies Join Hands Together; Balance & Enrichment!

What are the commonalities between these two ancient philosophies? Feng Shui & Ayurveda
  1. Both deal with Balance; one on the outside as in environment where you live and the other is about creating a Balance on the Inside of Your Body.
  2. They come from ancient texts from China and India and those who managed to Master their principles were wealthy both in health, wealth and political power.
  3. They both involve Duality – yin and yang and shiva and shakti which blossoms out into many other manifestations in the world.
  4. Both philsophies are a process; they dont have an instantanous resolution to any problems but are similar to the law of the natural universe; everything is a process.
  5. Whilst both appear to restructure the obvious imbalances within and around us they both indicate the importance of the relationship that lies wtihin.
  6. They deal with opposites, cycles, the elements and follow the natural order of all things.
  7. Both are working on an energetic vibrational footprint-its not what you see but what you dont see and what you can do about that which is considered the most important and effective approach to solutions.
If you want to hear from an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor watch this and find out more about the aspects and how these ancient philosophies make more sense than we know;

Otherwise, go to to find out more.

Your Feng Shui Metal Gold/Silver Corner in the North West

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The most important thing about money is to maintain its stability … you have to choose between trusting the natural stability of gold and the honesty and intelligence of members of governments. With due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the capitalist system lasts, to vote for gold.’…..or if gold becomes too expensive, silver!!
George Bernard Shaw – 1928

Silver is the sister of Gold – they dance with each other and usually tag along with a specific ratio to each other that is the norm!  That being 16% – 1%  However, at the moment the ratio is grossly underestimated making silver far too low in price in relation to the value of Gold.

So what has these two metals got to do with the North West and your wealth?

The North West direction is associated with the Metal element and it is the Yang metal associated with business, computers, and extensive travel.  It takes a Yang energy to iniate new businesses, travel and be innovative.  Inviting these two wealth barometers into your life by simply placing one of each in the north west.  They dont have to be on show but could be simply placed underneath a cloth or in an ornament.

This then is a re minder of having some precious metals in your own mini portfolio- even though it be a token or not – knowing psychologically that you have this in your compendium of assets is a huge influence on how you teach yourself to feel wealthy indeed.

So, that is how you can light up this area of business and wealth in your life by physically bringing these metals into your life and North West area.  Find out what more can you associate your Business Area with by going to

Opportunities Knock on Doors with Good Vibes!-Feng Shui Your Inner & Outer Doors!

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Where is the Door?
You are!
You are the Door in which other people knock on and through your own personal vibration they either want to know more or they go away and are not interested.

This is an upcoming ebook on how you can get you Front Door in the best Place possible for Opportunities to come bounding by-people knocking on the Door wanting to know more about what you offer, how and when.

How Great would that be?  If of course you are open to the possibility that your unique gifts increase the value of what other people want in their life-why wouldnt you?

So, I look at the Door leading to the many rooms that lie within us – so metaphorically I am referring to how do you get the right keys to open up on the inside.  How do you paint the doors on the inside, knock on them and walk into the treasures of all those special gifts just waiting to be unwrapped.

I look at the physical door in which you come in and out of daily-think of the many doors you go through and what is it you are thinking each time you do so?  Would that be a great mental and emotional alert to signal a letting go and a greeting of something new?

What colours, what are the sounds around the door and do some doors need repairing, fixing or ditching?

If you want to know more about how to attract great opportunities to come to your Door contact me below and, as soon as its finished you will be personally emailed my ebook hot off the internet press!!!

Find me on &

Feng Shui comes AFTER Clutter Clearing in your home and business.

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Clutter whether its paper, or accumulation of goods from the past it usually is known as the one thing; that  difficulty of letting go; especially of the past.  I once met a client he could not more in any four directions in his wheelchair because he had literally had imprisoned himself.

Have you ever thought that you cannot think clearly because there is too much going around and around in your head. Yes, possibly because it is cluttered with many different kinds of thoughts. To reiterate what I have said in the introduction; whatever is inside of you is reflected on the outside and vice-versa.

 The clutter of your environment stops you from moving and flowing easily through your home, work or place. Obstructions that are obvious (like a bag or shoes in the way) can clearly cause accidents. But sometimes these obstructions in our homes and lives are not always that obvious. They can be far more subtle to the point that we are really not that aware that they exist.

Sometimes using the analogy of acupuncture helps to illustrate the principles of energy being able to flow freely in and around your home. Like the blood and lymphatic system circulating around our body, it is important to keep the arteries and veins clear from any obstructions. This enables the oxygen to be transported to all regions of the body and likewise transport the toxins back to where they need to leave the body. It is only when it is too late that we realize the clotting or clogging of this circulation system can result in disease and death.

 Likewise, if we have too much surrounding us in environments it is almost impossible to breathe, move freely, adapt and hence we become restricted, rigid and ultimately frozen both physically, mentally and emotionally.

 The removal of blockages within your home of clutter, hoarded materials burdened with memories long gone, items no longer functional and yet you hang on, you hang on, you hang on…Yes, this is the problem. It is so hard to let go within and without. But like anything, start gradually and locate those things you find easiest to let go of initially and then slowly work your way towards those items that are difficult to relinquish. It does not have to be wasted as we can see the huge popularity of charity shops or sales on ebay.

 I am not suggesting getting rid of sentimental items but you may wish to consider the more you hold onto things of the past the less room and space there is for new things to come in to the now and future. We all have clutter and we are unable to dispense with it overnight. That is why it is a process, which you remind yourself to do frequently allowing more space into your life to maneuver into areas you never dreamt you would go.

It is not necessarily just about being neat. People who do not have any obvious disarray on the outside can often disguise their erratic behavior/way of thinking by throwing all kinds into cupboards or stuffing things into drawers.  Is this you?

People become frozen emotionally & mentally by what surrounds them.  When it becomes too chaotic our natural ability to stay calm & retreat is   compromised; this is evident in some of the examples of lethargy, fatigue and even as bad as chronic fatigue syndrome.  I’ve had other people tell me they have food in the freezer which is 7 years old!!

Be aware of how you feel as you bag up those old memories; the unnecessary items you have stored for yourself and others and let go of them. It is often accompanied with a mild loss but also a feeling of letting go and being light within you. It is not difficult to accrue clutter in this age of mass consumption and junk mail.

All I can say is try it for yourself and see what happens! Good Luck!

Feng Shui: Artwork on the Walls & What is it Broadcasting To You?

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   Artwork on the Walls

The amount of energy and money that fuels the advertising and marketing industries is unbelievable.  Those adverts on the internet, cars, posters and billboards are all designed to entice you into a certain state of feeling; whether to purchase a new car, house, or better still to feel you have failed so to create a drive to attain something so that you will FEEL a certain way.

I ask my clients to create their own powerful display of sublimely messaging themselves.  What pictures are on the walls in the lounge, kitchen and bedroom.  I invite them to look at colour, shape and form and think about what the pictures are relaying back so ensuring your pictures are constantly talking back to you and sublimely reminding you of your own strength, providing inspiration and generating that very feeling you wish to have in your life.  This is all about taking control over your own mind; be aware of how colour, aroma and sounds are affecting you.

For further details and to find out more you can reach me on where there are free resources from podcasts on health to ebooks on Feng Shui for health.  If you want to contact myself my contact details are

Feng Shui is all About: The Unseen within your living Space

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The Unseen:

Have you ever found yourself in a place, which just did not feel quite right? What about a house you have thought of buying but didn’t feel quite right? Or those other places where the smell, emptiness, atmosphere stopped you from going any further. Then there are other dwellings, which made you feel at ease as soon as you have walked in – enough to make you want to move in right there and then! You are using all your senses and intuition to pick up on how something may feel to you even though it cannot be tangibly felt or seen.

Energy patterns are created all the time by the way we think, what actions we do, and how we consciously and unconsciously design to try and plan our own lives. In doing this we create patterns in the way we think, feel and do. Some of these can be very positive and others are self-defeating and destructive. But whatever extreme they sit in; positive or negative; yin and yang; patterns are inevitably left by all of us.

It is almost like spinning our own web and especially in places where we live  patterns begin to manifest. That is why when you go into a house where someone has lived there for any length of time you will sense-feel a certain kind of atmosphere; the thoughts and feelings we have become absorbed into the atoms around us; be it brick, furniture, curtains. If there has been a lot of animosity, fear, abuse, torture it will be picked up and absorbed by others because those patterns are a lot more entrenched than your pattern of thinking upon first moving into the house. But these patterns are not just the domain of people’
personal residences.. There are ways of dissipating it and this is mentioned in the space-clearing process (youtube: what is feng shui?)

 Often it is something simple like the elements; earth and fire to shake up these patterns eventually allowing them to be consumed. As the ever increasing housing developments continue the question remains to be asked what exactly are they building the houses on? Even to break down our own spiders web is sometimes necessary because maybe at times we have built up aspects within us that are no longer helpful to us. Certain behavior patterns, ways of thinking that are not going to serve us in a constructive way in the present

 Using some of the techniques in the video (space_clearing) will help to cleanse the space you find yourself residing. Once again, only you can discover for yourself the results of such processes as space clearing. The procedures are not something new but respected in many ancient, forgotten and longer lasting cultures such as the native Indians of America & Canada, Indians and many more.

Most of what you cannot see, the invisible often relates to a feeling; it  is what influences peoples’ mental state.  Think of it, we move into homes where patterns of thinking & feeling are already established.  What is it that hangs in the air and absorbs thoughts & feelings (see Emotos research)  If this space is never cleared then as a new resident you will absorb and integrate those entrenched patterns of thinking and feeling.  The same concept applies to all spaces’ – be it hospitals, clinics, corporations that expose people to the same entrenched patterns affecting everyone.

Connect with my link to find out how to space clear your home or office and go to  or to find out more.

Feng Shui & Electromagnetic Stress

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Increasingly, not only are we living with more STUFF and crowding ourselves with acquisitions but we are experiencing the power of increasing electricity around us .   People wonder why they can not sleep because they have the TV, computer, iphones in their bedrooms; they are now surrounded by them 24/7
This lifestyle does not allow us to switch off – the exact space you are suppose to be ‘re-charging’ your batteries – that is the bedroom –  is pulling on the immune system.
Geopathic stress – this is the underground aspects that people are stressed by and some don’t know what surrounds the inhabitants.  Underground water, is often a factor to consider when trying to locate an issue around health. Some of the anomalies we cannot do anything about – pylons over towering our building for example.

I have visited over 1000 clients in the community with diseases ranging from cancer to motor neurone disease to dementia.  According to Dr. H Nieper MD  he states that “92% of my cancer patients and 75% of my MS patients are Geopathically stressed”.
It is believed that such stress within the land can actually cause disease and ill-health. As I work in the medical field I have noticed how certain areas are inundated by particular forms of disease-it questions the environmental factor i.e high levels of electro-magnetic energy.

Some estates have been built on old chemical works where the methane gas continues to exude its toxins into the atmospheres. This then has the effect of people living in polluted environments without them ever knowing.
We see the results of those living around nuclear power stations; Sellafield in Cumbria, UK. We see the results of fracking on local communities right across the states and the subsequent effects on toxins to health.  

But what about the more invisible lines of poisoning where there is no obvious identification because over many years the information has been suppressed or not sufficient awareness. Whole Housing Estates in the U.K. built on old land fill sites or old chemical works – methane gases being exuded through the ground ultimately affecting the health of the residents.
Want to know more?  go to where you will be greeted by myself to talk about how your home is affecting the quality of your life.

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