4 Things To Check If You Have A Good Feng Shui Home Office


How do you feel when you’re in your home office? Do you feel motivated or do you get easily irritated? Is it conducive to learning or developing new ideas?


If your answers are more on the negative side, then it’s time for you to take action. It’s time for you to have a good feng shui home office.

A good feng shui home office is vital to being productive in the workplace.

A cluttered home office is filled with negative vibrations. It drains your energy and affects your productivity. It makes you easily irritated which can lead to arguments with the people around you.

Below are the things to know if you have a good feng shui home office:

1. Is your office space free from clutter? Is it neat and organized? Clutter creates stress. We tend to get overwhelmed by our work when there are tons of paper scattered on our desk.

Get organized. Put all the documents in folders. It’s much easier if you use colour coding and label each of them.

2. Do you inhale stale air in your home office? We stay in our office most of the time during the day. Sometimes, the smell of old garbage or cigarette smoke stays in the air for quite some time.

Open your window first thing in the morning. Let the smell of fresh air come into your space. If it’s not possible, use indoor plants. Plants absorb the toxins and releases oxygen in our space. Try to choose plants that are low maintenance such as snake plant, lucky bamboo or spider plant.

3. Where is your desk located? In feng shui, your desk should be in the command position. It should be positioned with the wall or cabinet behind you. This makes you feel relaxed and confident.

Your desk should be put in such a way that you can see who’s coming in but it should not be put directly straight to the door.

4. Is your space well-lit? Dark spaces make your work a little bit harder since you tend to put more effort into finding new things.

Replace old or non-working bulbs. If it’s possible, let natural sunlight get into your space.

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5 Amazing Benefits Of Meditation On Your Kids

Meditation is not only for adults but also for kids. Children and adults are both prone to stress and anxiety. The pressure at home and in school affects them making them more impatient and less affectionate.


Our kids suffer from bullying, competition, peer pressure, low self-esteem and keeping up with a healthy relationship. The presence of social media and the increasing violence in the society aggravates the problem.

A study shows that depression and other mental health problems start during younger years.

It’s the reason why our kids should learn and practice meditation. All the things that we learn as a child creates an impact on us. We tend to carry it until we grow old. It’s the reason why teaching your children about meditation will help them is vital. It will help them deal with problems in a more calm way.

Below are 5 amazing benefits of meditation for your kids:

1. Meditation helped children feel more relaxed and happier. It helped them reduce anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

2. Children who are into long-term meditation learn how to self-regulate. They learn how to be in control of their selves.

3. According to a study, children who do meditation are more kind to others. They are also more sociable and experience lesser stress than other kids. They are more connected and more respectful to the people around them.

4. Children who do meditation have shown to improve their overall academic performance including difficult subjects such as Math.

5. Kids who meditate have lesser chances of developing psychological problems such as social withdrawal, anxiety, and fearfulness. They tend to develop a good relationship towards the people around them.

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Nine Home Decoration Mistakes In Feng Shui

Home Decoration Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Your home decoration plays an important part in bringing in good energy in your space. It can bring in good or bad vibrations in your place.


Most of the time, people tend to unconsciously decorate their space in excess. They have the impression that having more and everything Asian symbolizes abundance.

Below are home decoration mistakes in Feng Shui that you should be aware of:

1. Using the bagua mirror as a home decoration is a big mistake. It is meant to be used outside the house.

2. Mirrors bring clarity, light, and freshness to your space. However, using too many mirrors in your home can make your space weak, chaotic and unstable.

3. Using photos of family members in the bedroom is a bad Feng Shui decoration. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It’s a place for intimate moments. It’s a place to develop and strengthen your relationship.

4. Placing the aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen. An aquarium is a water Feng Shui element and using this home decoration in the kitchen or bedroom is a mistake. It is best to place this in your money area to bring good Feng Shui.

5. Making your place look monochromatic. Your home should have balance. It should have a natural flow of energy. It’s the reason why a Feng Shui home decoration expert always uses the bagua. Your place should have soft and fiery colors.

6. Creating a theme in your home that you don’t really like is bad Feng Shui. Just because  of Feng Shui is an ancient Philosophy doesn’t mean your house should look Asian. A good Feng Shui home is a house that has a good flow of energy whatever theme it may have.

7. Putting your mirror opposite of your front door is not good. It pushes away the energy that enters the house. Try placing your mirror in your living room or dining room. It represents abundance.

8. Using too many fountains is not advised in Feng Shui. A fountain is a good home decoration because it bring prosperity and peace. The sound of the water brings calm to your space. However using too much of one element creates imbalance most especially if it’s just a small space.

9. Too much home decoration results to clutter. Do not over decorate your home and let go of the things that you don’t really need.

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Feng Shui And The Important Things That You Need To Know


The Real Meaning Of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is getting popular in the West for almost 15 years now. From ordinary citizens to famous people like Hollywood celebrities to business tycoons.


They have been applying this belief in their personal spaces, businesses as well as their personal lives. However, because of the lifestyle that most people have, the real concept of what Feng Shui is, was somehow lost.

Because of the lack of knowledge of this ancient practice, Feng Shui has slowly turned into a quick fix approach.

7 important things that you need to know about Feng Shui:

1. It is an ancient belief that’s been practiced for thousands of years. Feng Shui is not a superstition nor a religion. Feng Shui is based on the yin and yang. It is based on the Five Elements. It deals with creating balance in your life.

It teaches us that everything in the universe influences us.

2. It is not based on interior designing or owning the most expensive pieces of furniture. It is about surrounding yourself with the right things that can make your life better. The energy in your home which is invisible can affect you and the people living with you.

3. Feng Shui is about understanding how the energy behaves. It tells you what part of your life to focus on. Feng Shui helps you locate the placement of the key rooms in order to give you support in the different areas of your life.

4. Each of us is different. In Feng Shui, every person responds differently to the energy in their environment. The birthdate and other personal information can be used to analyze the relationships among the members of the household and resolve the challenges at home.

5. Feng Shui teaches us that the inner and outer forces in our lives are connected to each other. That is why choosing the location for our home is important because it will affect our lives.

6. The quality of the energy in our home is not permanent. That is why taking some time to take a look and make the necessary arrangement of our space to maintain the good chi is important.

7. Time plays a vital role in Feng Shui. A Feng Shui expert studies your space by using a Feng Shui  calendar and compass to assess the flow of energy in your house.

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Feng Shui And The Clutter In Your Space – Feng Shui Mastery Show

Understanding Clutter And Getting Rid Of It

Are you surrounded by clutter? Is it affecting you inside and out? Do you ask yourself “why does our house look this way?

Clutter is like an addiction. You wanted to end it but you don’t know how. You want to get rid of it but it just keeps on coming back.

Clutter is an emotional thing. Most people start to accumulate things when they are sad, feel sick or go through some difficult time.

It gets to us when we are too busy to notice it. When we are too happy or we want to feel good. Everything boils down to having low self-esteem.

Poor self esteem has many symptoms. The clutter in the mind results in physical clutter. Most of it is caused by poor thinking, pressure or doubt in oneself. We feel inferior and unworthy. When you have these in your mind, you pour your energy into acquiring material things.

Below are the reasons why most people are living with clutter:

1. The world has been teaching us that our worth is based on how much our possession is. The more we acquire, the higher our worth become.

2. When we are at our lowest moment, we feel incapable. We don’t have a sense of worth. We feel unloved and that’s where hoarding comes in. The material things replace the emptiness in our hearts.

Social media, billboards and television advertisements instill in our minds that spending and shopping can fill the gap in our lives.

We get so used to what we have and the life that we live that the word change makes us feel uneasy. The world of the unknown can make us feel uncomfortable.

The reasons above are what stops us from living the life we deserve.

Feng Shui is an ancient Philosophy that can help you deal with clutter. It helps you deal not only on the outside but more importantly on the inside.

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The Room Size And Energy In Your Home And Feng Shui


The Energy In Your Room And Feng Shui

Are you living in a cramped room? Repeated mantras that there is “no more space” to develop other communities in the world especially in relation to the U.K. with a population approaching 70 million. Increasingly, more and more people are being shunted into smaller rooms. That could be because people are having smaller families. But that is not true for everyone.

The multicultural landscape hosts a variety of different kinds of families whether it is extended or beyond the nuclear into extended demand for homes.

It wasn’t until I started working all over the U.K that I realised there was plenty of space, but it was in the hands of the few. Out in the countryside, there are reams of land where most people in the inner city have never been.

In fact both in personal and professional experiences I had realised that there are zones throughout the U.K. where people dare not go beyond their zone. They stay within their own cultural-geographical area and if they dare to enter other environments, there is a behavior that resists something that is different, resistant to the norm or just threatening – not because it is violent but because it threatens the values and mores of people from the outside.

Amidst some of the major conurbations of the world, we see people forced in like cattle into tiny rooms of living whilst on the outside of the city, huge tracts of land for a very small population. People living in the countryside have better and bigger rooms.

Below we see homes in Hong Kong. People living one room the size of some people’s bathrooms.


The same situation in the U.K. – same situation in the major metropolises across the world. The people who own the land vast drafts of it have lots of space.

Feng Shui was a secretive form of controlling the landscape ultimately for power, success and wealth. Whether people are aware of it or not, land, property, common spaces are used to gerrymander all populations into thinking and acting a certain way.

Feng Shui is about capturing the energies in and around you to support you and capitalise on the best of where you live. Your room space can be your tool in your journey to success. The more control you take of the little space you have control over, the better for your own wellbeing.

Learn how to be in control of your own home. Bring the good chi in your room space.

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Feng Shui & Electromagnetic Stress -www.wealthyspaces.com

Increasingly, not only are we living with more STUFF and crowding ourselves with acquisitions but we are experiencing the power of increasing electricity around us .   People wonder why they can not sleep because they have the TV, computer, iphones in their bedrooms; they are now surrounded by them 24/7
This lifestyle does not allow us to switch off – the exact space you are suppose to be ‘re-charging’ your batteries – that is the bedroom –  is pulling on the immune system.
Geopathic stress – this is the underground aspects that people are stressed by and some don’t know what surrounds the inhabitants.  Underground water, is often a factor to consider when trying to locate an issue around health. Some of the anomalies we cannot do anything about – pylons over towering our building for example.

I have visited over 1000 clients in the community with diseases ranging from cancer to motor neurone disease to dementia.  According to Dr. H Nieper MD  he states that “92% of my cancer patients and 75% of my MS patients are Geopathically stressed”.
It is believed that such stress within the land can actually cause disease and ill-health. As I work in the medical field I have noticed how certain areas are inundated by particular forms of disease-it questions the environmental factor i.e high levels of electro-magnetic energy.

Some estates have been built on old chemical works where the methane gas continues to exude its toxins into the atmospheres. This then has the effect of people living in polluted environments without them ever knowing.
We see the results of those living around nuclear power stations; Sellafield in Cumbria, UK. We see the results of fracking on local communities right across the states and the subsequent effects on toxins to health.  

But what about the more invisible lines of poisoning where there is no obvious identification because over many years the information has been suppressed or not sufficient awareness. Whole Housing Estates in the U.K. built on old land fill sites or old chemical works – methane gases being exuded through the ground ultimately affecting the health of the residents.
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Where is the Map of Wealth?

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Clearing Your Clutter

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Well look at your surroundings now; too much of one thing; paper everywhere? goods from a long time ago that no longer is used, needed but cant let go?

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