4 Things To Check If You Have A Good Feng Shui Home Office

  How do you feel when you’re in your home office? Do you feel motivated or do you get easily irritated? Is it conducive to learning or developing new ideas?   If your answers are more on the negative side, then it’s time for you to take action. It’s time for you to have a

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5 Tips On How To Switch On Your Inner Feng Shui

Life-Balance With Your Inner Feng Shui How’s your inner Feng Shui? Inner Feng Shui is about having balance in life. It is about being happy, healthy, successful in your chosen field and being able to establish a good relationship with the people around you.   Having a good inner Feng Shui is being able to

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3 Basic Guides On Becoming A Successful Woman

  Your Simple Guide On Becoming A Successful Woman A successful woman is not exempted from any difficulties. She is not free and was not spared from the negative energies around her. However, she was able to overcome everything and eventually learned how to stand on her own. We may not know this but Feng

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The Must Have Feng Shui Plants In Your Garden

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Enhance Good Energy In Your Space By Using Feng Shui Plants Creating a beautiful graden in your home using Feng Shui plants can bring you more health benefits more than you can imagine. From relieving the stress in your body to purifying the air that you breathe. Choosing what plants to put in your garden

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Feng Shui & Electromagnetic Stress -www.wealthyspaces.com

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Increasingly, not only are we living with more STUFF and crowding ourselves with acquisitions but we are experiencing the power of increasing electricity around us .   People wonder why they can not sleep because they have the TV, computer, iphones in their bedrooms; they are now surrounded by them 24/7 This lifestyle does not allow

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