8 Feng Shui Tips To Get Rid Of The Negative Energy In You


Feng Shui Tips For A Happy You

How do you remove the negative energy within and around you?

We are living in a toxic world. The bad vibes that are with us affect our mind and body. It is one of the causes of diseases.

Cleansing your body and space is a vital step to remove the toxins that we have.

In feng shui, the negative energy in our space can be removed by this ancient technique called space cleansing. By using different materials such as candles, singing bowl, and the lighting of incense, we bring clarity to our space.

But how about the mind? How do you shift the vibrations within you? How do you get rid of the negative energy that’s been distracting you?

A calm mind brings peace to the heart. It helps you create a more peaceful relationship with the people around you.

But how do you achieve a negative energy free mind? Below are tips that you can do to let go of the negativity inside of you.

8 feng shui tips to get rid of the negative energy within you:

1. Open the doors and windows and release all the negative energy in your space. Let as much light enter your home.

2. Clear and organize your surroundings. Remove all the clutter and arrange your space. Sweep your house and do some dusting.

3. Put indoor plants and fresh flowers in your space. It absorbs the toxins in the air and releases the much-needed oxygen.

4. Play a relaxing music. Nice sounds or good music brings good vibes. It gets rid of stagnant energy in your place and inside of you.

5. Light a scented candle. Scented candles help you alleviate stress and lifts your mood.

6. Sit in one corner and do some meditation. It reduces stress and improves your concentration. It encourages a healthy lifestyle and increases your self-awareness and happiness.

7. Dance like you’re the best dancer in town. It’s a fun way to release the negative energy in your body.

8. Do a purifying bath. Try adding Himalayan sea salt or a few essential oils to your bath. It really is a negative energy remover.

Do these feng shui tips and live your life with a higher vibration.

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