Tapping Your Way To A Healthier Mind And Body

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Learn How To Do The Tapping

Tapping is one of the many ways that you can heal your mind and body. It is known as the emotional version of acupuncture except that it doesn’t use any form of a needle. It is about energy.

Tapping is about emotional energy. It releases the blockages in your body and let the energy flow freely. It frees your mind, body and spirit.

Tapping was developed by a Stanford Engineering graduate, Gary Craig. Its concept is a combination of acupressure and Modern Psychology to alter your brain and energy system.

It is gaining popularity in the West. In fact, there’s a growing number of medical practitioners that are practising tapping as a form of healing.

Tapping is easy to learn. It’s a DIY thing. All you need to have is to set aside a little time to learn it.

The first thing to do is to make a script. Choose one concern that you would like to get rid of. Write down the problem that is bothering you and at the end add a self-affirmation and the result that you want to have. Remember to put your focus into words and then you are ready to go.

Use two to three fingers to tap on each of the meridian points. Do the tapping while saying your script.

Below are the following meridian points where you can do the tapping:

Point 1: The side of the hand.

Point 2: The inner eyebrow point.

Point 3: The outside of the eye but not touching the eye.

Point 4: Under the eye.

Point 5: The area between your nose and your upper lid.

Point 6: The area between your lower lip and your chin.

Point 7: Your collarbone point.

Point 8: About 3 inches under the armpit.

Point 9: Top of the head.

Start the tapping from number 1. It should be in order.

An example of a good tapping transcript is:

Eyebrow: I release the bad energy inside of me.

Side of the eye: I will do the things that I can do now.

Under the eye: I let go of all the pressure, stress and anxiety.

Under the nose: I know that I am capable of doing my responsibilities.

Chin: I am letting go of everything that is causing me trouble.

Collarbone: I welcome the positive things in my life.

Under the arm: I choose to relax and let go of all my worries.

Top of the head: I am calm and at peace with everything. I am free and in control.

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