Benefits Of Bringing Nature Into Your Home

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Fragrance and flowers that are used as space cleansing tools.

6 Easy Steps On How To Bring Nature In Your Space

Nature is life. It is the best healer that was given to us for free. It has been in existence for millions of years long before mankind exist.

Healing with the use of nature has been in practice for thousands of years. It has been in used for thousands of years. One good example of this which is really popular until now is the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

However, these days, modern life seems to rule our lives giving us stress and anxiety. We live and work in a concrete jungle making it impossible for us to be with nature. We are living in a more challenged community and it’s taking away our energy, peace and life.

How do you get rid of stress after a long day of work? Where do you release all the tension in your body?

Feng Shui means wind-water in English. Your home is your refuge, your very own sanctuary. It should give you and your family good vibrations.

Below are simple tips to bring nature in your own home:

1. Decorate your home with fresh flowers. It’s an easy way to bring vibrancy into your place. They are pleasing to the eyes and lifts your mood easily. Choose the colors well. White calla lilies stimulates purification, yellow gerbera daisies aids in your health, blue hydrangeas relaxes the mind and body and purple orchids boost spirituality.

2. Let there be light all over your space. Natural light is better. Open the blinds and windows to let  the sunshine in. If natural light is not abundant in your space, artificial light is okay.

3. Water symbolizes abundance or good money flow. It also brings tranquility and peace. A small water fountain in your house will bring you a sense of ease. The sound of water flowing is music to your ears.

4. Use wood and stone in your space. You can use wood for your flooring and stone works in your countertop. You can use it all over your place like the living room and bathroom.

5. When using art decors, use paintings and artworks that depicts nature. A mural that displays nature such as the beach, forest or waterfalls will do.

6. Use aromatherapy such as essential oils, diffuser or scented candles in your place. You can choose to use  what scent to use or create your very own aroma.

Healing is not only taking in the right food but also bringing in nature to your home to make you feel better.

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