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A mom, dad and their son buying a house
Buying A House And Feng Shui

Are you buying a house or have you always dreamed of buying a house?

Whilst Feng Shui is a philosophical practice that stems back 4000 years old, the issues for people have not really changed. Food, shelter, and safety remain the most important things in a human being’s life.

Maslow’s pyramid of basic needs of the human start with these very first three things; home, food and protection. Buying a house have always been the top priority.

So, why is it in the 21st Century, people in the developed world still have not the basics to address their needs like buying a house or when it comes to a safe place to live? Given that they are the richest and most developed in every way? People just keep on dreaming of buying a house.

All the major metropolises across the world have forced and rushed people from all backgrounds into smaller spaces where people are eking out a threadbare existence just to have a roof over their head.

It is not just the poor but the wealthy who have sacrificed their lives to get where they want to go and live in a reasonable apartment but every inch of their life in terms of time has been spent working then they look around and they see there is no one to relate to. They have no community ties and one of the biggest killers socially is the painful social isolation and lack of connection with people.

Having worked myself in mental health in all major cities in the U.K., I have visited people in high rise flats even though they have been medicated for schizophrenia, suicide, and depression and they are placed by the Housing Department in totally inappropriate places to live.

Their surroundings are threatening, uncreative and hampered by unsociable behaviour. But the nature of this kind of gerrymandering is deliberate; to coerce people into smaller spaces and whilst they are busy squabbling with each other the bigger picture of their rights, power, and success go unnoticed.

Everything comes back to the energy whether it be of spaces, designs, aromas, buildings, and arrangements in our environments. How is your environment? Could you make improvements to your space in small ways that change your energy for the better.

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