6 Easy Ways To Live In The Present With Feng Shui

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Simple Feng Shui Tips To Live In  The Present

Do you like to know how to live in the present? We are so busy with our responsibilities with work and family that we forget what it’s like to live in the present.  Life is meant to be lived now. Not tomorrow, not later but now.

Living in the now gives us the power of tremendous joy. It opens our mind and let the energy flow freely.

Want to start right away but don’t know how?

Below are Feng Shui tips on how to live in the present:

1. Reorganize the things around you. Move the little things in your home. Big or small, the size doesn’t matter. Why not start with your little decorations. Rearranging your things will give your space a new look.

2. You got to feel your space if you want to live in the present. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot around your home. Feel your place. Is it comfortable to walk around? If not then perhaps you can try putting rugs or carpet on the floor to make it softer.

3. Moving on is necessary if you want to live in the present. Remove the things that remind you of bad memories. Check your email, social media accounts and even your phone. Get rid of all negativity in your life.

4. Play a beautiful music. A good music is like food to the soul. It is music to the ears. It has healing qualities.

5. Breathe some fresh air. Take a short walk in your neighborhood, in the park or in the forest  and appreciate the  beauty of your surroundings. You can also open the windows and let the fresh air inside your space. Experiencing nature is the easiest way to live in the present.

6. Experience the power of essential oil. Aromatherapy always makes you feel more relaxed. You can use it at home, in the office or inside your car.

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